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Do you have what it takes to be a FPV pilot?

Welcome to the beta of the DRL FPV Simulator. Our simulator is designed to work with a FrSky® Taranis X9D transmitter, a popular and race-capable device. A limited simulation experience can be had using your Xbox/Playstation controller or your computer's WASD/arrow keys. Please refer to the Quick-Start guide below for instructions.

Quick-Start Guide

Release Notes

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Global Leaderboard - Gates of Hell (3/10/16)

add1ct3dd 35.5483
Baloo 36.8003
Cyriousfpv 37.2603
BATTDFPV 40.7114
Vango 43.182
RivetGirl 44.3452
Excrubulen 47.9614
Joebeasty 48.0334
WeeblBull 48.4338
theJF7 48.4469

Global Leaderboard - Miami Lights (3/10/16)

Baloo 46.4892
add1ct3dd 46.8012
Kruel 47.1572
PyroFPV 50.4499
realeyez 50.6201
Cyriousfpv 55.1698
Frosty 61.6196
BATTDFPV 63.5519
Avo 66.3367
Excrubulen 67.9583

Shane's Race Profile

One of DRL's top internal pilots has released his preferred Drone Settings in order to get the most realistic feel possible from the FPV Simulator. The default Drone Settings are pre-configured in order to provide a generic and stable control environment , whether or not the user is employing a Taranis controller or a keyboard. Tweaked Drone Settings must be used to reach the top of the Leaderboard.

Shane's Drone Settings

Best of luck!

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