22 January 2016

How does a DRL race work?

There are three stages to a DRL race: Qualifyings, SemiFinals and Finals. Each round contains multiple heats, so that pilots get a few attempts at racing the same line.

DRL races are held in large and iconic venues, with 3-D courses that bend through narrow halls, speed along subterranean tunnels, climb up and down flights of stairs and zip around razor sharp turns. Pilots must fly through gates and checkpoints to stay on track. Missing a gate disqualifies the pilot from the heat. Actually crashing into a gate is always a crowd pleaser, but the pilot is still disqualified. Points are awarded based on checkpoints and finishing time – just like your favorite racing video game.

Pilots who finish the season with the most points are invited to the world championship. Here, they will compete for the title of World’s Best Drone  Pilot.


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