23 January 2016

What makes a DRL drone special?

All DRL drones are FPV racing drones, built in-house by engineers and drone die-hards. They are built to accomplish 3 things:

1.Optimize the watching experience for both pilots and audiences at home: Each drone is equipped with over 100 color-changing LEDs. This allows the audience to see the drones on the course and distinguish one pilot’s drone from the others.


These LED lights also allow the pilots see when someone is in front of them and identify who that is. Each pilot is assigned a color prior to their heat so, if Spooky-FPV is green and FlyingBear is yellow, Spooky-FPV will know it was FlyingBear who passed him when a yellow drone flies by.

2. Fly around complex courses and around obstacles. DRL’s custom radio communications infrastructure allows drones to fly around barriers and across 3D courses that previously prevented competitive racing – creating epic flight lines and the most complex uses of venues.

3. Create the most competitive professional racing platform through standardized performance and a level playing field. By providing DRL drones for pilots to fly, pilots can push themselves to fly their best course, rather than being concerned about crashing their own drone and being out. DRL drones also ensure that the playing field is even: If everyone has the same drone, the best pilot will win — not the best machine.

You can learn more about the DRL Racer2 and drone technology here.


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