Three massive updates to DRL SIMULATOR:

DRL Drone Hardware Library
DRL Simulation Stack (1.0)
DRL Community Tools & Sandbox

Thousands of bench tests of popular components, plug and play drag models, real-life flight testing, deep betaflight integration, community stored physics tunes – Hundreds of features designed to perfect drone racing simulation on your home computer.



Shendrone’s famous Flaco. SMWYG’s Brap. Blackout’s 220. A collection of the best racing frames found on earth. Each custom creation of different drone contains its own drag model and CG distribution, mimicking real life drone surface area and weight distribution.


From T-Motors’s F Line, RR's Hypetrain, RK's famous 5051 – from 1103 to 2407. From 3s to 5s. Mix and match thousands of combinations all modeled from real world testing. Every prop. Every motor. Any setup you can dream up.

DRL Simulation Rollout

The DRL Sim is committed to drone physics and proper simulation. This release is the first of many in a continued effort to find the ultimate feel.

April 20th: Beta / June 01: 1.0, Advanced Drag Model / August 01: 2.0, Community Feedback.


Betaflight Module Intregration

Betaflight Mixer & Input Rates: Full integration of BF's motor mixer and input foundation – user controls and motor output mirror real world performance and feel.

Physics Sandbox & 
Community Tuning

An huge environment made for measurements and R&D. Edit drag models, drone performance, even play god and mess with Newton's law – save your ‘tune’ and share it with other pilots for them to try and rate.

Top Speed Modeling

300kph on the RacerX? 3” on high Kv motors, 5S and a bullnose props? We've measured top RPMs and thrust from hundreds of motor/prop combinations, and combined with accurate drag and efficiency modeling top speeds match IRL measurments.

Realistic Yaw

A fast yaw will alter the drone’s altitude while overcoming the moment of intertia – we’ve tuned to account for this force and apply real world testing to mirror. This parameter is editable in sandbox.

Ground Effect

In real life there an increase in air pressure as the drone is flying close to the ground causes reverberation in drag. Our simulation stack accounts for this force and has been verified with real world testing to mirror. This parameter is editable in sandbox.

Modular Drag Models

Traditional: Manual drone tuning by some of the world’s best pilots. From Shendrone’s mifune, to SMWYG’s new Brap – each model carries its own drag formula to perfectly marry aerodynamic forces. Advanced (Q1 2018): In partnership with GeorgiaTech®, DRL SImulator will release an advanced CFD dynamic drag model invented to perfectly mirror the complciated dynamics of racing drones.

Center of Gravity

Traditional: Either top lipo or bottom, H-frame or X, accurate center of gravity calculations are provided by (XX). Advanced (Q1 2018): In partnership with GeorgiaTech®, DRL SImulator will release an updated CG model that is dynamic based on drag forces.

Battery Sag

Voltage and discharge modeling has been incorporated to simulate battery sag. All data from bench test contributes to this formula – with inefficient power systems causing more sag. Better pick the right pack for the course.

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