16 March 2018

Guide to Online Drone Racing

Drone races are becoming increasingly popular as technology becomes cheaper and more affordable in more than one way. In the past, drones would be cumbersome, slow, and often prone to failures making the investment you put in them unjustifiably.  However, today drones are available on a consumer level, and just like with anything that is able to perform cool tricks at the behest of their masters, drones are now the focus of fiery competitions.  Drones are competitive fun, and there are many awesome events that you can watch, participate in or even bet on! Drone fans are very welcome to try their luck right now and see where that will get them.

Esports and Drone Competitions, Are They the Same?

Parallels between esports and drone races are many. While both are considered “a game,” there are actually tremendous skill requirements to be successful at either. Operating drones at high speeds and making it perform split-second moves is a task that requires composure and a lot of muscle memory.  Understandably, this always comes at some cost as many drones need repairs as masters learn how to operate them. Esports are similar to drones in many regards. Competitive video gaming requires a level of skill that not everyone is cut for.

drone racing esports betting

Just like you have drone players who are talented, but also hard-working, to the point they top every drone race, so you have gamers who are considered the best talent in their video game, whether this is Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, or something different.  Now, drones are closer to SIM racing than they are to traditional esports, but SIM racing is slowly considered a part of the esports ecosystem so there is that, and remember – the drone market is growing all the time!

If anything, drones require the same level of execution, coordination, and reflexes that are needed at the most competitive echelons of esports, with the only difference being that you don’t score “kills” against opponents but move a machine in the physical world, trying to outperform other contestants.  So yes, on this level, drones and esports are truly alike as they require practically the same skill sets that are appreciated. To sum up, esports and drones are practically the same when it comes to:

  • Muscle memory
  • Required practice
  • Commitment

Important Esports Betting Tips

Just like drone races, esports competitions are actually very popular betting markets. Many mainstream sportsbooks are now adding these markets as part of their offers with the single goal of bringing you the best possible entertainment options.  You can watch and enjoy a game, that’s a fact, but you can also place a small bet to add to the excitement and immersion of the game. There is actually a real value to be gained out of your esports betting, too, as the more knowledgeable you are about a video game and the teams playing it, the more likely you are to make a successful bet that puts you in an advantageous position, too.

To learn about the top Canadian esports events, you may want to ask around and see what some of the country’s top events and competitive teams are. By doing this, you will have a pretty good idea of what the mainstream competitions in the country are and what teams you can actually place a wager on!  Just like with drone races, you have a higher chance to succeed with your wager if you know everything there is about a player, team and the game they compete in!

Can You Join Drone Races Yourself?

You absolutely can! Drone races are so popular these days that they are hosted all over the world. Many people are even trying to set up their own leagues and get more people involved. As such grassroots initiatives are established, many people decide to participate, buy a drone and train their skills and air-tricks with those.  Now, in terms of monetary incentives, there isn’t too much money going into drone races right now. If anything, people who race do it for fun. However, some players get very good at it, and it’s not unlikely to see more races hosted with a serious prize purse, especially when audiences are keen to watch and see what players can do with their drones.  Remember, esports also started as grassroots organizations with very modest prize purses – if any at all! Today, we have single events taking place over two weeks that bring in $40 million in prize money with them.  That is a lot and already a lot more than many sports contests out there! Who is to say that the same thing won’t happen for drone races?


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