03 December 2018

Electrical Engineer

Location: New York

Reports To: Head of Engineering

The Drone Racing League (DRL) is the premier, global drone-racing league, and producer of world-class drone sports content. At once a tech, media, events, and sports company, DRL blends a diverse array of disciplines and industries.

Job Description

We are seeking an Electrical Engineer to help develop the latest hardware and components that make up our drone fleet and supporting systems. The ideal candidate is highly experienced with EE fundamentals and theory, possesses hands-on experience in the lab, i.e. a proficiency with test equipment, and already familiar with micro-unmanned aerial systems. Signals experience is a preferred but not required. You will be responsible for helping to build prototypes, construct circuits, select parts and analyze our electrical projects and systems. You will also be responsible for improving our production testing fixtures, developing new fixtures and ensuring the reliability of the deployed equipment. You will be an integral part of the team designing the next generation of DRL precision flight drones, autonomous drones, drone support systems and race operations systems.


  • Construct prototypes, test circuits and proof-of-concept designs
  • Select parts that meet the criteria defined by our use case
  • Build modules and tools that can be used across the DRL ecosystem
  • Manage and assist a team of skilled technicians through various build processes
  • Use test equipment to debug designs and field failures
  • Develop testing fixtures for our production build process
  • Collaborate with a strong team and our stakeholders

Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong circuit design skills, strong grasp of EE fundamentals
  • Ability to solder 0603/0402 components (with or without optics)
  • Familiarity with Feedback Control Systems
  • Strong understanding of circuit design and debugging process
  • Strong understanding of microcontrollers and their surrounding designs
  • Experience with programming microcontrollers and/or Embedded C
  • Experience with antenna design a plus
  • Experience with Saelae Logic is a plus
  • Experience with Autodesk EAGLE is a plus
  • C/C++ or Python skills, a great bonus
  • 3-5 Years Professional Experience or Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
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