Maryville, Tennessee
19 Years Old


Seasons Raced: 2020, 2021
Championship Wins: 2 (2020,2021)
Level Wins: 15
Golden Heat Wins: 15
Heat Wins: 127
Podiums: 25


Evan Turner


HeadsUp is the youngest DRL World Champion, taking DRL by storm during his rookie season last year. Competing while finishing his high school senior year at home, HeadsUp’s digital athleticism was put to the test, but proved to be unmatched.


Of the 80 heats HeadsUp raced in 2020, he finished first in nearly 70% of them, resulting in a winning percentage of more than triple his nearest competitor.


Now, things are different. With the new season welcoming in-person racing, what will it take for HeadsUp to defend his World Championship title?

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