Game Controller

If you plan on using a gamepad style controller, please connect it to your game before starting the game. Use your operating systems Human Input Device (HID) configuration settings so that the left stick controls thrust (up and down on the left stick) and yaw (left and right on the left stick). The right stick should control pitch (up and down on the right stick) and roll (left and right on the right stick).

**Please note that DRL is not responsible for third-party drivers which may be necessary to use your gamepad controllers in game.**

Xbox® 360/One Controller

Windows® 10 comes pre-installed with most Xbox® gamepad drivers, but if necessary please find your Xbox® controller drivers below:

Xbox 360 Controller Driver for Windows

Xbox One Controller Driver for Windows

Mac OS X® does not natively support Microsoft® gamepad controllers, but below are a few resource links that should help you get up and running:

Tek Revue

Tattie Bogle


Playstation® 3 Controller

Only PS3® controller/driver combinations were tested with the DRL FPV Simulator. However, PS4® controllers will most-likely work as well given compatible drivers.

For Windows® you will need special software to be use your PS3® controller. Please try one of the following packages below: MotioninJoy - PS3 Controller Driver for Windows Better DS3 - PS3 Controller Driver for Windows

Mac OS X® comes pre-installed with most PS3® drivers, but below are a few resource links to help in the process:

OS X Daily

Flyns Army

Tattie Bogle

The START button, located on the right, will restart your position to the last checkpoint during a race. The SELECT button, located on the left, will restart your current race.

FrSky® Taranis X9D

If you already own an RC transmitter, you may be able to use its USB connectivity feature to use it as your DRL FPV Simulator controller. This configuration offers the most realistic FPV experience since you can train your FPV skills on the same controller hardware that you would use in the real world. An example of a common RC Transmitter which we have tested to work with the DRL FPV Simulator is the FrSKY® Taranis X9D.

The X9D contains a mini-USB Type B connector on the back side which is used to connect to your computer. Please follow these sequence of steps if you plan to use your Taranis:

1. Boot up your computer

2. Turn on the Taranis using the switch in the front

3. Plug the Taranis into your computer with a mini-USB Type B cable

4. Start the DRL FPV Simulator

If you plug in the USB cable before powering on the Taranis, the game may not recognize the device. Similarly if you plug in your Taranis after the game has already started, the game may not recognize the device.

You will likely need to create a new digital control model in your specific transmitter in order to use the simulator. The Taranis can properly control the simulator using the default quad-copter model setting. You may need to reverse/swap channels based on your transmitter. You should only need 4 control channels for aileron, elevator, throttle, and rudde r(yaw). A channel mapping of TAER is needed, such that:

Channel Mapping of TAER

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