Think you can be a DRL Pilot?

Let's see about that. The DRL Racing Simulator allows new pilots to learn how to fly a racing drone, compete in actual DRL courses, race friends, and enemies from around the globe, and try out for the 2017 DRL season.

Download the DRL Racing Simulator
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Download the game for free now

Ready to learn how to fly? You should click this link.

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From learning the sticks to your first poles and gates, the DRL Racing Simulator is made to transform rookies into pilots.

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Global Multiplayer

Set up a profile, pick a color, and represent your name. Race against friends (or strangers) from around the world and talk dirt in the chat box.

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Real Deal Maps

Think you can conquer the helix in Miami Lights? The atom in Project Manhattan? Put your money where your mouth is and fly it.

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