Brief Overview

The DRL FPV Simulator allows you to experience what it feel like to fly our racing drones from the first-person view (FPV) perspective of the DRL Racer v2, the same perspective seen by our expert pilots when they race through a course.

The section will take you through installation, controllers, game modes, creating and joining a race, as well as additional menu options such as maps and props.

The game supports typical keyboard controls, which offers a taste of flying a racing drone feels like. For a more realistic environment we recommend connecting a game controller (Xbox®/Playstation®) to your computer. Aspiring pilots can even connect their RC transmitters to their computers in order to get the most realistic experience.

Getting Started

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Download & Installation

Instructions for how to download and install the DRL Racing Simulator on Windows or Mac OS X.

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The in-game tutorial will provide you with the necessary instructions for flying the virtual racing drone, but a quick summary is provided here for reference.

Game Modes

Training : Training mode will teach you the basics of flying a racing drone. The tutorial will cover topics that every FPV drone pilot needs to know like, thrust, pitch, yaw, and many others. You will go through a series of training missions, with each one helping you to master a particular skill. As you complete training, you will be awarded props, which you can use in-game to purchase upgrades for your drone, or to try out for DRL.

Single-Player: Single player mode allows you to fly DRL courses. Single player mode has two options. The first is freefly, where you can fly any DRL map without any racing or course elements - you can simply practice your flying. The second mode is race mode, where you can fly against other AI drones, or against the top times posted by other who have played the game.

FreeFly Mode: Free fly is the game mode that allows you to fly around any DRL map.

Race Mode: Race Mode is where you will be able to hop straight into a race. On the menu, you will select the map that you want to fly. Note that you need to download maps the first time before you use them, so you will either select a map that you have downloaded, or you will need to download the map. Once you select your map, you will be asked to select your race settings.

Here, you will be able to toggle whether or not you want ghost drones. Ghost drones are translucent drones that race against you in the game. If you select “on” for ghost drones, you will be able to choose which ghost drones you would like to fly against (a simple AI, against leaderboard times, etc.).

Multiplayer: Multiplayer mode allows you to fly against other people online. Clicking this will take you to the game lobby, where you can either join a race against others, or create one yourself.

Campaign: Campaign will take you on a single player quest to win the DRL season. You will start at Gates of Hell and race against the computer as you make your way through each event.

DRL Tryouts: DRL Tryouts allow you to actually try out for DRL. Yes, the real DRL. You will need to achieve a certain number of props (explained later) to access DRL Tryouts, but once you do, you will be able to post your fastest times in the hopes of securing a DEL contract.

Creating a Race

Click on “Create Race” to make your own race. Once you’ve clicked, you will be taken to this screen.

Create Room

This is where you will change your settings. Enter a room name. If you would like your race to be private (as in you have specific friends that you want to race), then enter a password in the “Password” text box. Then, share the password with your friends so they can join the race.

After you have entered the room name and password (if applicable), you can toggle the other settings below by clicking on them. Select your race mode. You can select either freefly, where you will just fly around the map with other people, or race mode, where you will race against others on the DRL track. Select the map that you want to fly. Select the max number of players that will lfy against one another (including you). If you want to allow spectators (people who are watching the race rather than participating in the game), you can select the max number of spectators that you wish to allow. Toggling “Visible” changes whether or not you would like this race to be visible to others in the multiplayer game lobby.

Once you have adjusted all of your settings, click “Create” to create your room. Once you do that, you will be taken to the launch screen:

Test Room

This is where you will wait for other pilots to join your race. This will show the people that are signed up for the race, as well as a countdown clock. When the countdown clock expires, the race will begin. As the creator of the room, you have the ability to restart the clock. The clock is there to prevent people from waiting on room creator in the case that they are disconnected from the game. You also can use the chat on the right hand side to talk to the other users you will be racing (talking smack is encouraged).

Joining a Race

Click on “join race” to join a race that is already going on. Once you click, you will be taken to the game lobby, where you will see other races that are waiting for more players.

Join Race

From there, you can select and join a race, which will take you to the game launch screen:

Test Room
Here, you will wait until the race slots fill up, or until the countdown clock expires. From there, you will be taken to the race.


This is the section where you can look at the maps that are available. In the beginning, this will be the DRL courses. However, as time goes on, more maps will be added to the game. Please note that before you fly a map, you will need to download, but you only need to do this once.



This is the section where you can either create or edit your profile. Once you’ve created a profile, you will be taken to this screen:

Profile Here, you will be able to change your user info (name, user name, etc.), you pilot color, your avatar, or see your standings. You can also buy props from this screen.


Props are the in-game currency used for the DRL FPV simulator. As you continue through the game and achieve milestones, you will earn props. If you earn enough props, you will be able to use them to enter DRL tryouts. In the future, though, props will allow you to do things like upgrade your drone, or unlock new maps.

Global Leaderboard

The leaderboard is where you can check out the top times globally on any given course. This will allow you to see how your times stack up against the rest of the field.

Global Leaderboard

From this screen, click on the map that you want to see, then choose the game mode.

LB Game Mode

This shows you the top times for a given map. If you want to see where you stack up, click “Jump to my Position”.

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